Committed to Switzerland.


We will ensure through our economic activities that our group of companies will remain independent and continue to thrive in the years ahead.

We will promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Switzerland through our entrepreneurial activities and from earnings they produce.

F.G. Pfister Holding AG will create sustainable values for the Swiss economy and society, and in doing so help to raise Switzerland's competitiveness.

Through our activities, we will protect and create jobs, and in doing so contribute to Switzerland's prosperity and well-being going forward. We are committed to Switzerland.

We are committed to the entrepreneurial vision of our founder Fritz Gottlieb Pfister.

Organizational chart

F.G. Pfister Stiftung F.G. Pfister Kultur- & Sozialstiftung F.G. Pfister Vorsorgestiftung F.G. Pfister Holding AG F.G. Pfister Immobilien F.G. Pfister Beteiligungen Initiative Schweiz Prix Suisse


Rudolf Obrecht

Executive Chairman
Delegate of the Board

Reto Welte

Chairman Investment Committee
Member of the Board

Stefan Linder

Chairman Initiative Schweiz
Member of the Board

Roland Brack

Member of the Board

Stéphane Meyer

Member of the Board

Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch

Member of the Board

Roland Zaugg

Member of the Board

Marc-Antoine Chariatte

Member of the Board

Ivan Bosin

CEO F.G. Pfister Holding

Hansruedi Schlegel


Manuela Sutter

Assistant Management

Sandra Kamber

Project Management