F.G. Pfister Kultur- und Sozialstiftung

Committed to society.

As part of the F.G. Pfister Group, the F.G. Pfister Kultur- und Sozialstiftung is committed to supporting and promoting social, creative and humanitarian projects in Switzerland, in order to strengthen the common good, support disadvantaged groups and make a positive contribution to society.


Thanks to the Foundation's capital and income, as well as donations from third parties, the aim of the Foundation is to provide comprehensive support and encouragement for social, philanthropic, creative, humanitarian, health-promoting, cultural, visual arts and charitable works and projects in Switzerland.

  • To this purpose, the Foundation supports works, institutions or projects of general interest, aimed at promoting the common good and/or supporting and promoting disadvantaged groups of people and sections of the population.
  • The Foundation may make financial contributions for this purpose.
  • The Foundation is politically and denominationally neutral and does not pursue profit-making or self-help objectives.

Our process

Every year, the Foundation supports two to three concrete, effective and striking individual projects as main partners, which correspond to the Foundation's objective.

Each year, the Foundation also supports a number of smaller projects, or those that correspond to the Foundation's objectives, with appropriate but smaller donations.

The Foundation is also committed to supporting specific projects or entering into multi-year partnerships. The aim is to achieve a lasting impact through selected partnerships, and thus best fulfill the Foundation's objectives.

Some projects we supported

Kunsthaus Zofingen

Supported a varied exhibition program with themes in contemporary art; art education for all school levels, guided tours, themed tours and artist talks.

Wielandleben, Röthenbach im Emmental

With our support, a social educator was hired to supervise physically, mentally, psychologically and/or socially handicapped residents on the farm.

Integrationszentrum Aarau, Rupperswil

At the new Rupperswil site, urgent purchases were made to fit out the building comfortably. Furniture has been purchased to provide residents with a comfortable home, with newly built, individually furnished single rooms and pleasant communal areas.

Further projects

  • Swiss Percussion Competition
  • Grabenstorf, Sarmenstorf
  • Kinderzirkus Robinson
  • Procap Olten
  • Kunsthaus Aarau
  • Verein "Schräge Vögel"
  • HotA Aargau
  • and more

The Foundation Board

Kurt Hofmann

Chairman of the Foundation Board

Stefan Linder

Member of the Foundation Board

Christian Moser

Member of the Foundation Board

Stephan Campi

Member of the Foundation Board

Manuela Sutter

Head office


Do you have an exciting project that needs our support?

Our office manager, Manuela Sutter, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. To request funding, please send us the following documents by e-mail:

  • Letter with project description and contact person (including telephone number and e-mail address)
  • Budget and financing plan
  • Details of other support organizations that have also been approached
  • Details of pledges already received


We look forward to hearing from you!